Must have SharePoint Web Parts

Looking for the best SharePoint web parts to take your intranet to the next level?

There are many SharePoint web parts that you can choose from. This makes it extremely overwhelming for SharePoint administrators to find the right webparts for their intranet.

We are often asked by readers for the best SharePoint web parts. Being the largest SharePoint web parts resource site, our experts creates many SharePoint web parts every year, so we can make it easy for our users (you) to find the best solutions.

Having the right set of SharePoint web parts can help you build the best intranet and SharePoint team sites. In this article, we share our expert pick of the must-have SharePoint web parts for business websites 2020.

1. SP Stream

Most organizations have videos they would like to show their employees. It could be videos about the organization, events or training videos.

Once you create a Video library, you may need to present it a way that will make it easy for people to view.

Why not try this YouTube like web part. The SP Stream Web Part allows you to play videos contained in a specified SharePoint Assets Library. You have the choice to select which videos library and filter by your own criteria.

2. WordPress Post

Show posts from any WordPress sites in a variety of layouts on SharePoint pages. You can filter posts and choose from any categories.

Introducing the easiest way to display posts from any WordPress site on SharePoint pages! WordPress Posts allows you to quickly and easily display posts in a variety of layouts, so you can customize the look and feel to match your intranet design. Plus, you can filter posts by category, so you can show only the most relevant content to your audience.

3. Timeline

Why not bring life to your SharePoint calendar. Forget about the boring view you get out of the box, and make your intranets beautiful and meaningful using this timeline web part.

This timeline provides a visual representation of events that will help users better understand history, a story, a process or any other form of an event sequence arranged in chronological order and displayed along a line.

You have the choice to select which Event list, filter by your own criteria.
Multiple Timeline Web Parts can be placed on a page.