Full Life Cycle Software Testing

Envqon Software delivers software quality control services which include full lifecycle testing. We cover the core stages of development, starting from requirements testing at the software design stage all the way up to final testing at the release and deployment stage. Below, you will find descriptions of the comprehensive software testing services we offer.

Requirement Testing

Requirements testing covers testing of the requirements specification, as well as assistance in the collection and analysis of user data and their domain. We examine interface usability and profile creation, along with the clarification and improvement of documentation. We also provide assistance with project design. This procedure improves the quality of the requirements and reduces the number of tests necessary to meet these requirements.

Prototype Testing

Prototype testing is an early deep dive into the project to make sure it aligns with business requirements. It should pass prototype testing to make sure it will work as expected when released. Your prototype will also be tested for safety issues, to eliminate any risks associated with the product’s use or misuse. It is also tested to comply with international standards. Most importantly, prototype testing helps to clarify the potential production costs involved with each stage and helps to define the most efficient development process.

Unit Testing

Unit testing lets us scrutinize all the small testable parts (units) of your software to check whether they operate properly. Unit testing is a top-priority test that involves negative and positive testing of newly-added software functionality during the development process.

Integration Testing

Integration testing allows you to test how larger app components are interconnected and identify any defects that emerge during these units’ integration. This type of testing shows whether the integrated units work in an error-free manner. After all units are tested for proper integration, we proceed to system testing.

System Testing

System testing is conducted to explore system functionality. It is carried out during each build and during the release stage as alpha and beta testing of the product. For bigger projects it usually consists of creating use cases. System testing covers all aspects of a software system’s performance, its functionality and reliability. It involves testing for compliance with functional and non-functional requirements.

Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing

The sheer variety of operating systems and browsers can cause a huge problem for app development and support. Cross-browser and cross-platform testing ensures that the software operates across all browsers and platforms equally well. Knowing your target audience, we can focus on testing your app in a specific test environment.