ChurchOffice provides churches with a simple and easy solution to track church membership information, contribution records, church attendance and much more. It helps churches to better track their resources, foster communication among administrators, staff, members and visitors.

Modules & Features

The Member Screen

  • The member Screen allows you to keep track of everyone in your church. The  Member Screen is well organised. There is the family tree to the left, with details of selected family or member to the right.Comprehensive fields for members to suit all requirements

Member Screen Tabs

  • The tabs on the right side of the Members Screen give you access to various categories of information. There's a tab for Basic individual and family information, tab for groups the member is part of, pledges/giving tabs, contact details and tab for general notes.

Stay Organized with easy to use menu

  • ChurchOffice is intuitively organized so you can find, edit, and enter information quickly. Envoqon ChMS menu gives you quick access to all the main features: Members, Group, Attendance, Programmes, Contributions/Pledges, Security info and Reports.

Manage Contributions

  • ChurchOffice gives you a quick look at an individual's giving. You can use the Pledges Screen to enter and record pledge giving and keep up with pledge campaigns.

Different types of reports

  • ChurchOffice has the ability to give you three kinds of report on the same query. Get reports in detailed format, summarised format or even in a chart format.

The Attendance Screen

  • The Attendance Screen allows you to quickly and easily track attendance for any group, class, or worship service. You can track regular church members, visitors or first timers. You can also create and print detailed attendance reports